How To Get Your Ex Back

How To Get Your Ex Back

Ways by Which You Can Get Your Ex Back Permanently!

There are many parameters about how to get your ex back which are affecting the flow of a relationship. One should have a clear idea about these parameters before they are moving ahead with the same or mending it. A healthy relationship would mean a mutual co-operation and understanding between the partners and should be open to discuss the things which they are not in agreement with.

The breakup which takes place is having numerous reasons associated with the same. It can be initiated from any side based on the conditions through which they have gone through. Mutual miss-communication and miss-understanding can also cause a breakup. One should thereby always try to be open to their partner to discuss what they feel about each other.

It carries numerous reasons due to which one of the couples might agree to do a breakup. It can be from either side. One should not react to the breakup when they are faced with one. I know it is difficult to do but it will make your partner wonder what has happened to you and why you are not reacting. If the breakup is done to have some space then give it to them and try to have no contact time between you.

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During this time you should avoid contacting your partner. People might feel that giving no reaction to a breakup can be a rude behavior but having a decision by your partner to have a breakup is equally the same and requires you to go through the reasons why they are dumping you rather than giving a reaction.

This will give you time to hear the reasons they give in a more logical manner rather than getting lost in emotions. Once you are aware of the reasons you can try to mend the same if they were logical reasons or keep it if you don’t think it to be worth changing them. As you move ahead with the breakup it will help your partner to re-analyze the breakup and the reasons which they gave and how much they worth to be used for a breakup.

Try to remain in the no-contact zone after a breakupTry to remain in the no-contact zone after a breakup

No contact is one of the most powerful strategy that will help in solving your relationship issue; how to get your ex back? It is extremely required that both the partners go through their past and have a decent thought about their activities and their miss-understandings. During this time period avoid trying to contact them even if you are willing to have your ex back. This will give them the desired space to have a decent thought about the same and decide what they have to do in future.

Some people think that no contact might ruin a relationship but it will actually mend it if it is meant to be. If you were not meant to be together then getting back together again won’t have any impact and will again result in a breakup if you mend it by begging for a relationship. It would be resulting in an unstable relationship which nobody could sustain so one should avoid maintaining such a relationship.

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During no contact time, you should not text or call your ex. It would have an impact that you are highly in their need and you can’t live without them which can have a negative impact on your relationship. If they try to contact you then you can have a short talk but you should try to keep this conversation as short as possible and make the other individual realize that you need space for a certain period of time.

Things you can do during the period of no contact to get your ex backThings you can do during the period of no contact to get your ex back

When there is a time period of no contact with your ex, you are getting enough time to analyze the relationship and the loopholes which were existing in the same. This would be the same case with your partner. We have discussed here few of the points which you can likely do to analyze your relationship and decide about its worth in your life.

  1. Most of the breakups don’t occur immediately. Their reasons slowly get built over time. It is thereby required to get the clear idea of when it started to develop a relationship gap between you. Was the factor which contributed to that worth the impact which it created? This will give you an idea of how to rectify the likely such impacts in future if it is not worth the high impact which it created. Normally failure to communicate the actual condition is the prime root cause of impact in such situation. Thereby one should remove the bridge to communicate effectively so that they can have a clear discussion about the likely issues creped between them.
  2. The person who initiated the breakup is also important if you want your ex back. If it was you who initiated the breakup and your partner was not in agreement then there are higher chances that you can get your ex back. Normally this occurs when you have a breakup in frustration or anger and later you are regretting your decision.
  3. Take a control over your emotions which you feel after going through a breakup. Normally every individual who is experiencing a breakup will be suffering from the feeling of anxiety, depression or guilt. One should try to have a control over these feelings and think in a logical manner to have a decision about your relationship without focusing on the feelings. Many times just getting back your relationship based on feelings will make you have a wrong decision which can lead you to regret about the same in the later part of your life.
  4. Give yourself enough time so that you get a chance to recover yourself from the relationship breakup. Try to spend your time on your daily routine work and doing something creative in order to get recovered from the relationship issues which you are facing. One should be quite cautious about this during the first month of the breakup as this is quite a crucial time after the breakup.
  5. Focus on improving your bad habits. It will help you in developing a more healthy new relationship in future. One should have a look at their past and identify the habits which they have and which is not good for a relationship. This will allow you to have a check for yourself so that you get enough time to improve by yourself.
  6. When you are doing this don’t try to pursue your ex. You should not do that for about a month or so. If they are trying to contact you then you can have a limited conversation. This will even help you to make your ex even realize their own downfalls. If after that you both are getting together again then it would lead to a stronger relationship then before.
  7. If you really want your ex to be back in your life then you can watch out for the signs which signify whether your ex is willing the same. It wouldn’t require you to send your friends asking for their views. One can easily judge the same from their gestures when you meet them over some public places or some other location over a party. These gestures can be analyzed to identify the level of interest which they are carrying in you which you can use to approach them back for the relationship.

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Mistakes to be avoided during no contact timeMistakes to be avoided during no contact time

The no contact time is quite crucial and many of the individuals make numerous mistakes while handling this time. It is quite crucial to handle your emotions during this time to give space to your partner and also take time to analyze your relationship. We have discussed here few of the mistakes which are normally done after a breakup and should be avoided in order to have a healthy relationship. If you’re seriously looking for how to get your ex back then you should take care of these following points:

  1. After you suffer from a breakup you should try your best to control your emotions. Emotions won’t lead to a healthy relationship. Many individuals under the influence of emotions start texting and calling their ex in the hope of getting them back. This won’t be used over a long run and will lead to changes of breakup in near future again. One should thereby remain emotionally stable and think of the solution in a more logical manner.
  2. You should never try the option of begging in the front of your partner to be in the relationship with you again. This won’t be useful and will lead to many bad conditions in near future. Even your partner won’t respect you as you yourself are not considering your importance by means of begging them for a relationship. Thereby one should never use this method of getting back their partner as it will not result in any of the fruitful outcomes.
  3. In addition to this, many individuals also perform the mistake of allowing everything which their partner tells them to do. This is not an option for a healthier relationship. One should be together with mutual understanding and none of the partners should be dominant to make other perform various things as per their wish. This kind of relationship won’t last long and will eventually break off.
  4. Even one should not show their affection for their partner when they are going through a no-contact period. It will lead to weakening of the relationship rather than strengthening them. Even if your partner is in love with you and is willing to be back with you this option will result in increasing the distance between you emotionally. As a result, one should never try to adopt this option no matter what is the case.
  5. One should also not be freaked out if your ex is dating someone else. If it is not meant to be with you then let it go. They will be back with you when they realize that you were the right one to be with. One can never force someone to be in the relationship with them. Thereby you should let it flow and don’t react to their dating with the other individual.
  6. You should also not call their names while you are talking with someone else or either you are in anger. This can worsen your relationship if the same news reaches your partner. As a result, one should avoid naming their partner during their conversation with other people.
  7. It is also required that you get so obsessed with getting your ex back in your life. If the one is meant to be with you then they will eventually opt up to be with you. You should also not ask questions about what your ex is thinking to other individuals. It will lead to many useless outcomes if the same reach to your partner. One should avoid listening to their friends and family at this time and avoid useless questions and should look out for the signs which signify that your ex wants you back in their life.

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The time period for No contact with your exThe time period for No contact with your ex

How to get your ex back needs your patience! There is no universal rule which signifies the time which you should use for not contacting your ex. This time which you choose depends from person to person and also from situation to situation. It is thereby important to have a careful look at the situation before deciding the right time which you can opt for not contacting your ex after going through a break-up.

Under normal circumstances, this time is normally of the duration of 30 days. It is considered that this time is quite enough under normal circumstances for both the partners to analyze their relationship and rectify their errors which they have done to make their relationship be back again on track. Though there is no rule for this time period.

Based on the circumstances and the behavior of the partner one can change this time period form 2 weeks
to 6 months. It should be decided after proper thinking and one should constantly judge the reaction of their partner regarding the no contact period. This will help you to get a clear idea about the extension or reduction of the no-contact period.

Communication with ex during no contact periodCommunication with ex during no contact period

One should try to completely avoid contact with your ex during the no-contact period. It would also be including no contact via either text or call. Even one should not reply to their call or text messages. This would not turn out to be rude because if it was rude then breaking up can also be considered as equally rude if they also want you back.

If you answer your ex text or call or even try to contact them it would have a negative impact on your relationship. The relationship which is built after that would never turn out to be stable in nature. It is thereby required that you make your ex feel your importance in their life so that you can build a stable and decent relationship after that.

There may be many questions in your mind regarding what if your ex moves on while you are having no contact or may get married to someone else. This won’t happen if you both are really meant to be together. If they really loved you they will eventually be back to you no matter what issue exists between you and as a result, one should always remain patient and should wait.

It is also required that you don’t reduce your no-contact period. This is mainly necessary as it requires time for the people to remove the negative association which they have built in their mind for you. Only time can remove them as time will allow them to remind about the past memories and what were the issues which made you separate. You should also work on yourself during this time and try to be a more confident person than before to make a more healthy relationship if your ex is back.

There is also a possibility that you are having children’s. In that case, you can reduce your talk being limited only to your children and thereby avoid doing the communication which is other than that. If your partner tries to get in that zone you can gently give your opinion about your requirement of space and not willing to discuss the same.

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Effect of no contact over your partnerEffect of no contact over your partner

This is one of the most common questions which will be raised in your mind when you are going through a no-contact situation and are wishing to get your partner back in your life. It would be quite a difficult situation to go through but would be worth it if done successfully. Many people think that they will be losing their partner if they go through no contact situation.

If your partner likes you and is also willing to be with you then there won’t be any situation in which they will tend to leave you. Thereby one should not worry about losing their partner due to the no contact situation. It can lead to improvement in their relationship as no contact time gives your partner a chance to look back in the past over their mistakes and also think about rectifying the same.

It will thereby result in improving your relationship when they are ultimately returning back to your life as they have got aware of their feelings for you and the causes which are causing issues between you too. This will ultimately improve your relationship over a long run and will make it run smoothly in future.

Analyze Your RelationshipAnalyze your relationship

When you and your partner are not in contact after going through a breakup you can give some time to analyze your relationship. One can create a chart of pros and cons which you think is present in your relationship. If you don’t find a higher number of disadvantages in maintaining your relationship, you can think of rectifying your relationship again.

This will give you a means of analyzing your relationship and the reasons for which you have faced a breakup. The reason which you opt for should be a solid reason else it’s not worth to be going through a breakup. Many individual just goes to the step of relationship because they are not getting chance to dominate their partner which is not at all an excuse to face a breakup.

If you really like your partner and you don’t have any solid grounds for making a breakup then you should definitely try to figure out the issues which were created. You should try to fix the issues which were created to get back the solid relationship which was existing previously. If you can’t fix the issues then probably you can never get your ex back in your life.

Contacting back your exContacting back your ex

How to get your ex back fast is very much depends on right time to contact back with your ex! This is an important part to regain back the relationship in healthier manner. One should try to bring a positive change in their life before contacting back their ex. When time passes your ex will start forgetting your negative image and will remember the things which they liked in you. Exactly at the same time, you appear back in their life again with an improved version.

It will lead to your ex to not at all resist being with you again. This will also bring a positive change in your relationship as your ex will also realize what were the negative things which they possess and were not liked by you. Mutual understanding and improvement will lead to making the strongest relationship between you two again.

One should contact their ex when they are ready with the positive change in their life. It is not related to waiting for the time when they will be missing you the most. If you have brought some positive change in your life and have left the things which should not be there in your life then you should try approaching your ex. You can use any medium of communication to get in touch with your ex. It is solely dependent on the kind of medium with which you are comfortable with.

Takeaways How to Get Your Ex BackTakeaways

Thus, we can say that there are many different parameters which are affecting dealing with a breakup. Each of these factors will have their own positive and negative impact on getting back your relationship based on how you implement them. If they are implemented in the best possible manner then you will definitely get your ex back with a great positive change in your relationship.

These are the best ways by which you can get your ex back permanently but some of the breakups may be complex and difficult to resolve with these even workable ways to get back. What you need here is a professional advice to resolve the complexity of your relationship. Ex Factor Guide may offer you a great help because it has already resolved many of the individuals facing breakup issues. You need a professional relationship advice on how to get your ex back. You will most probably get your ex back with this professional relationship guide.

Ex Factor Guide Review

Ex Factor Guide Review

Losing your love is a tough time. Especially, when they leave you, it is more painful and that too for someone else. What do you do when you still love your ex? You definitely thinking about in getting back together with an ex! Now how do you expect to handle this situation, particularly if you love him still, you must get him back and if you love her still, you must get her back.

There is a book ‘The Ex Factor Guide’ by Brad Browning name. This book will help get back your ex for good and lifetime. This book of Brad’s has lot of material and does not have fluff or fillers.

What does it cover?

‘The Ex Factor Guide’ covers essentially a ton of information and also gives advice firstly in improving yourself and having control on emotions. There is advice for all things.

Chapters 2 and 3 are comprehensive and have 23 traits to consider and it also includes the unattractive traits that are deadly sins.

There is a lot that I may not have taken into consideration but for this guide that pointed the unattractive example of being too controlling and also highlighting attractive traits examples of being optimist and positive.

Brad has covered all the angles, For instance in ‘Start with No Contact’ Chapter’ there are questions about contacting your ex, if they have moved to different cities or you broke up and it is over a year.

It appears he left out nothing, and the biggest plus point is everything is written coherently. The layout is simple and is good for quick reading.

Yes, I must mention that the ‘Customer Coaching’ sections and ‘Expert Weigh-Ins’ was really good in this Ex-Factor guide.

They provide insightful and additional information. In fact, it gives a feel of sitting opposite to him and Brad answers giving useful responses with finesse.

According to me, I liked the detailed and actionable advice Brad gave in the Ex-Factor guide. The initial 3 chapters are full of information; teaching what to be and what not to do or be.
From Chapter 4 it is action-orientated. There is no unwanted advice, so all the advice can be applied.

Using Brad’s advice is of great help and he also reasons out why to follow his advice, besides backing it with solid facts and science.


  • Brad tells you that you should not do and his advice is like he knows you very well.
  • He is super supportive, friendly and personable. Throughout the book, Brad gives a feel of being besides you and telling you to be honest and not to give false promises.
  • This guide as it goes with each chapter, it becomes highly positive, motivating and makes you feel optimistic. Going through it, Brad makes you confident, stronger and optimistic of the future, regardless of whether you want to be together with your ex or not.
  • It is like having a 1 on 1 session. In the Ex-Factor, it is like talking to Brad, a direct approach.
  • There is useable and actionable advice with examples.

Brad stresses about being happy, rather than winning your ex back. Once you are happy, you can win everything back.


  • Now finding a con is a serious work. I found it a smooth ride.


Either you’re looking for how to get her back or how to get him back, this guide will work great for gender both male and female – Brad’s advice in ‘The Ex-Factor guide’ cover’s everything you need to understand about how to get your ex back, offers you very authentic  and golden opportunity and after reading it entirely, it is evident that it presents a painful and solid experience. Besides, there is nothing to lose as it comes with a guarantee of money-back of 2-month, worth a go. Click here to get your comprehensive guide to getting your ex back permanently.

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