How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back When You Broke Up With Him

How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

It’s true that break ups hurts…

Sometimes it may be so devastating that you become ready to give up anything to keep the relation alive, but is it possible? You cannot give up your dignity and moreover when you show efforts to get him back he may find you nagging and move further away!

If you really want to work on your relationship and want him to be back in your life again, follow the steps mentioned below. Remember, he should also feel the same and it’s only then your relationship will work. Following are the 4 steps that will help you better understand about “how to get your ex-boyfriend back when you broke up with him?”

Get Your Ex Back

Step 1 Find out what broke the relationship!

The first thing you need to do in making the relationship is finding out what was the problem that made this gap between two lovebirds?

Ask yourself that where things didn’t work out? Was it difference in your opinions or lifestyle that mattered? Or you both were trying to adjust in the relationship without feeling happy? Were you had been too clingy and your insecurity didn’t gave him any personal space? Was it that the male ego was hurt? Were you doing too much for too little and then felt upset that affected the relationship?

There can be thousand such questions and a book can be written on that, but what is most important is that you have to find out the real answers for the questions. It is going to be tough, very tough, but you need to be honest if you really want your love back in your life.

Step 2 End all contacts with him

Yes, you read it right! You have to stop getting in touch with him. Do not call him or text him either. Stop commenting on his Facebook posts and avoid visiting any social network. The idea behind this is to create your absence in the mind of your ex. If he loves you truly he will start realizing this hollowness. This will help you in long run, believe me.

Requesting him to get back into the relationship will only harm your relationship further. Instead compose yourself, even though you feel broken do not put a step forward and try to be in touch with him.

Step 3 Work on yourself

Most important step to reconstruct your relationship. During the time when you are not in touch with him just do not sit down and think about him. Rather do those things that he likes. If you are overweight work on your weight. Reconnect with your old friends and families. Start working again or start a hobby that you love most.

The idea is to build your confidence again. In all this you also need to work on things that you have realized was the main reason for this breakup. You will find yourself to be a woman who can love better.

Step 4 Reconnect with him

Once you have spent some time on your habits it’s time to get in touch with Him. He too may be eager by now to contact you, but do not reflect your eagerness. Make a date and when you go for a date with him make sure you let him feel special but he should also notice the change in you.

Be honest with him and start conversations again. If everything goes well you will be sharing your experience here and let others learn how they can get back their Ex’s! I wish you best of luck in getting your ex back.

How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

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