How to Win Her Back and Keep Her for Good

How to Win Her Back and Keep Her for Good

If you just got dumped because your girl could not put up with your nonsense anymore, do not despair because there certainly is something you can do on how to win her back.

If you know she is the perfect girl for you and that you just could not stand not being with her then it is about time that you make your move. However, it is important to keep these things in mind to make sure that you’ll be successful at getting back with her.

No matter how bad you want her back in your life you should never force her into getting back with you. Being controlled is something that women would totally not want. What you should do on how to win her back is to reconnect with her by emailing or texting her. But do not flood her with text messages telling her that you want her back either.

Get Your Ex Back

Your ex probably wanted some space so respect her and give her that. Do not rush her into getting back with you even. Give her time for herself and even time for her to get over the pain she is feeling at the moment especially if you have hurt her a lot. Talk to her when she’s ready and when she wants to. Do not even tell her right away that you want to get her back. Take it slow. Make her feel comfortable with you and even use the opportunity to apologize for your shortcomings.

Women are not hard to please but they are smart enough not to trust words especially when you have hurt them. Telling your ex that you still love her is not enough. Another guaranteed way on how to win her back is to make sure that you show her in your own little ways that you still care and that you do love her because at the end of the day, that is all that matters.

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