I Want My Ex Back But Do Not Know What to Do

I just realized that I made the biggest mistake of my life by letting my ex go and now I want my ex back. What should I do?

One of the most important pieces of advice I have received from my friends is to not forget about yourself. If you want to get your ex back make sure that you do not lose your confidence. Dress up, doll up, and look your best. Your ex will definitely notice this and he will see how well you are handling the breakup. This will make him see what a big loss you are to him and so he will try to make a move and ask you to get back with him.

Get Your Ex Back

Another thing I have learned is to ask myself “Why do I want my ex back?” Was it because he was the man of my dreams or because I knew how much he loved me and I did really love him too despite our imperfections. Were we better off together than being apart from each other or being with other people? The truth is, I realized how much I loved him and that I envisioned him as the man who’s going to be the head of our family that’s why I wanted him back.

Was he also willing to give our relationship a chance? Does he also want me back? Why worry about getting back together with him if he is not even open about it. So make sure that he is also up for it and that he deserves a second chance with you. Do not waste your time and energy on a person who does not know how to value you at all. When I realized that I want my ex back I made sure that we are both exerting effort and that you are both willing to go the extra mile just to prove to each other that you both deserve to be together.


  1. Hey, I’m 37 year old guy and have been in relationship with many girls before but unfortunately could not hold any one, most of the breakups happened due to my priority over building my future first. Now I felt, I am well settled in my life and wanted to get into a long-distance relationship. I really felt great to go back with one of my ex girlfriends, would you suggest me, how do I know if I want my ex girlfriend back?

    • Unfortunately most of people face relationship issues due to their preference over finding a favorite job and or financial position. Anyway, if you’re really thinking to reestablish your broken relationship, its great but as you didn’t write about how long you have been broken up with your last girlfriend, I want to add very basic signs that will definitely help you in getting back with ex girlfriend. If you’re facing some form of miserable feelings that didn’t get better or pass away, and it happens again and again then you’re in love with her and now you have to check with your ex girlfriend, if she were feeling alike, then you’re both probably in love with each other. I hope she would not have moved on.

      Thanks and good luck.

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