My Ex Wants Me Back – What Should I Do?

My Ex Wants Me BackAt first I wasn’t so sure that my ex wants me back until he was finally vocal about it. Well, I know I still love him and honestly I did want him back as well. So before we got back together, here’s what I did.

I wanted to make sure if he was really serious about what he has been telling me. I told myself that if he really wants me back he can wait. A month after we broke up I have learned that my ex wants me back so I told him that I was not ready yet and needed more time for myself. He did not bother me and respected me on my decision not to jump right in a relationship with him again. That was one thing that was important to me.

Next, I wanted to make sure that he’s the one who’s going to come to me and not the other way around. As a woman, I still value the essence of courtship and that a man has to make the first move. I know, this is quite traditional but what I really wanted to see was how much respect he had for me. And if he was man enough, he’d have the courage to come to me and tell me about his intentions.

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I also wanted to determine if he was worthy of my love. Although he might have done some things that made me really upset, I am ready to forgive him and willing to give him another chance as long as he proves to me that he deserves it. I wanted to be sure that he has learned his lesson and would not make the same mistake again.

I learned that my ex wants me back because I was able to see his true intentions and so I did give him a chance.

My Ex Wants Me Back – What Should I Do

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